• Image of Glock Frame Retexture
  • Image of Glock Frame Retexture
  • Image of Glock Frame Retexture

Full Glock package includes($150):

- 360 frame stipple
- Undercut/polish trigger guard
- Retexture bottom front portion of trigger guard
- Retexture left and right front frame flats (subtract $20 from overall price if you would not like this area textured)
- Scallop magazine release area (Gen 1-3 frames only)
- Finger grooves removed or left in place

Additional services for Glock pistols:

- Grip chop - 17 to 19, 34 to 19, etc... - +$65
- Round/retexture front of trigger guard - +$15
- Front magazine well cutout/polish - + $15
- Left and right magazine well cutout/polish - + $15
- Re-contour web area of Glock - + $15

IMPORTANT: In the comments section of the order, please specify if you would like finger groove removed or left in place, as well as which texture you would like applied (Aggressive, Medium, Carry). Please read are FAQ for answers about the three textures we offer.

To place an order for this service, please e-mail epplogan@hotmail.com, or contact us via the Contact Us selection at the top of the webpage and let us know which package or work you would like applied to your firearm.